About Us

We are Supporting Ethical Farmers by "Sidha Kisan Se" (Directly from Farmer's) movement. So, when you buy this authentic product, you directly help the farmers who are ethically growing and nurturing the products & bringing you good health & prosperity. Know more: www.sidhakisanse.com 

Sourcing handpicked organic mangoes like Ratnagiri and Kesar mangoes from Maharashtra and Junagadh, we wish to provide you with the best flavored nutritious mangoes from certified organic farms. Our mangoes are grown under environment-friendly practices and are not plucked until they reach full maturity.

Inspired by:

Bansi Gir Gaushala, which has been practicing Vedic Gaupalan for the last 14 years. Bansi Gir aims to contribute to the revival of "GauSanskriti," an ancient culture that placed the Gaumata (cow as a divine mother) at the center of healthcare, agriculture, education, economy & social activity. Know more: www.bansigir.in